Starter Plan has been replaced by Prime Plan
Good day to everyone at Coldwell Oil Group Ltd. We want to inform and update everyone that starting this minute, the 1.2% hourly plan or the Started Plan has been replaced by the Prime Plan.


This plan was necessitated by the adjustments in our investment process and generation of profits for everyone.

Everyone who has Starter Plan deposits will continue to earn profits from the plan until their deposits on that plan matures and expires.

We would like to request everyone to check the 2 other hourly plans that we have to offer you. Both are profitable in ratio with the number of hours that they pay.

Banners will be updated within the day.
Jan-19-2021 04:57:58 PM
PREMIERE PLAN - 0.46% Hourly for 288 hours Launched
We are launching the new plan called PREMIERE PLAN which pays 0.46% Hourly for 288 hours or a duration total of 12 days. Please check it out.
Jan-16-2021 08:10:48 AM
Earn Free Money with our Bounty Campaign
Earn free money like Bitcoin or Perfectmoney by doing very simple almost effortless tasks. Strictly 1 entry per week per bounty type per person. Please check our bounty information page at BOUNTY CAMPAIGN PAGE.

This is a way for our registered members to participate without spending any money and possibly earn money if their submissions are accepted at the end of the bounty campaign period. This starts now and ends on January 19, 2021 at 12:00PM GMT.

All you have to do is like our Facebook page, Follow our Twitter page and join the Telegram Group. And check the campaign page for more information for each bounty type. Follow the terms and conditions of each bounty type and earn free Bitcoin.

We will start new campaigns almost weekly so please watch out for more information about our campaigns regularly.
Jan-11-2021 11:44:04 AM
We have no mining bot - beware
Please be informed that we do not have any "mining bot" at . There has been a Telegram mining bot that is pretending to be Coldwelloil mining bot. Please know that we do not have any mining bot of any sort. Do not join any other website or program that pretends to be us.

Our only website is and that is where any financial transaction be made.
Jan-8-2021 02:34:11 PM
False Merger Please Be Aware
News has reached us that a certain Block Bank company / website is claiming that we have merged with them. Please know that this is fake news and we have never spoken to anyone about any merger, not with any other company whatsoever.

Please stay away from such companies or websites that claim such false information. We are a standalone company and we have not merged, nor will we merge with any other company for whatever reason.
Jan-5-2021 03:45:34 AM
Facebook page
Please like our Facebook page at
Dec-19-2020 06:35:07 AM
December updates
The price of cryptocurrency will never affect the way our company works. We are in the market of oil and gas and the only effect of crypto fluctuation is the fact that we get increased value and pass the extra profits for the benefit of all our investors.
Dec-3-2020 10:40:50 PM
November updates and news
We have sent another email with more information about our plan for the future. During the whole COVID-19 pandemic, we have proven that no matter what the price of oil is in the global market, profit is always there and the market will and have always been a top necessity globally.
Nov-23-2020 02:39:21 PM
News update sent to your emails
We want to know what you think. Please reply to the questionnaire we sent via e-mail so we know your personal opinion on the ideas we sent out. Thank you and it is very appreciated if you answer.
Oct-11-2020 11:37:35 AM
Support Email Updated
We have updated our support e-mail address to [email protected] We will also have a Telegram support group soon. Oh, and a Facebook page for interaction.
Sep-18-2020 02:36:27 PM
Coldwell Oil Group Limited
Our company has officially opened for business. Please use the register page to sign up and fill in your information as accurately as possible. Thank you.
Aug-2-2020 12:33:45 PM
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