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Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to register your account. Registration is free and only requires that you have a valid e-mail address, a unique username and use at least one of our accepted payment methods.

No. This is not required, we are not a networking company so you do not need to have an upline to register your account.

After creating your account, you can start making deposits to any plan you wish. All you have to do is login to your account and click on the Deposit links available in your members account panel.

Once you're inside, just select the plan and then the payment method you wish to fund your deposit with and follow the instructions to complete the deposit procedure.

Here are the 8 payment methods we accept. Perfectmoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoincash, Doge and Dash.

We do not have any fees involved in any transaction. We shoulder the fees for outgoing transactions or withdrawals.

The returns that our hourly plans give should already include your principal in the overall rate for each plan. The total amount you receive less your principal deposit for that transaction should equate to the actual profit.

We have 2 different minimum amount limits for withdrawals, the other one for cryptocurrencies withdrawal is much higher than the fiat-based processors like Perfectmoney and Payeer.

$0.25 is the minimum amount you can withdraw for Perfectmoney and Payeer while it is $5.00 for the cryptocurrencies we use, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Doge, Bitcoincash and Dash.

As you probably know, the volatility of prices and the network congestion levels of these assets makes the transaction fees low or higher at times so the $5.00 minimum averages as the most cost-efficient and more practical when it comes to transacting outgoing withdrawals with these cryptocurrencies.

No, we use the real-time current value in fiat (USD) for the cryptocurrency transactions in both deposits and withdrawals. Your withdrawal should be converted into crypto value from fiat at the spot time the transaction is processed or submitted.

This only happens to cryptocurrency deposit transactions are made using the minimum amount of deposit. When this happens, it means that the amount you transferred got confirmed on the blockchain system of the cryptocurrency you used, when the value got lower. We suggest that even if the deposit instructions indicate that you transfer $10 worth of coins, you can send $11 to $12 just to make sure that it gets added and activated to your account. Do not worry though, the full value will get activated of whatever in excess you transfer.

Cryptocurrency deposits require 3 confirmations from their own blockchain systems or networks before they get activated or added to your active deposits record.

Updating a previously filled out field on the payment method accounts in your profile is not allowed for pure security reasons. You need us to do it for you for your own safety. We have automatic and instant payments in our website for all except Bitcoin and we need to ensure that even if or when someone is able to login to your account, that they cannot alter your account information so they cannot steal your funds.

Indeed, you can make multiple transactions at any time. The number of deposit transactions you can make does not matter and so does which plan you make these deposits to. There is no limit to the number of transactions you can do at any given time.

All withdrawals are processed instantly and automatically except for Bitcoin, which is processed by batch manually. Please note the minimum withdrawal amounts for PerfectMoney is $0.25 and for all cryptocurrency withdrawals the minimum amount for withdrawal is $5.00.

There may be times when the provider we use for instant payments may have server maintenance so if that happens, your withdrawals will go to pending status until we are able to resume automatic payments.

Yes. As soon as you register, you should have your unique referral id or link which is available inside the account panel. You can use this link to refer people to our website.

You can use the power of social media marketing in order for you to gain referrals who must then make a deposit in any of our plans so you can earn referral commission.

If your direct referral makes a deposit, you earn 3.00%. It does not matter if you have an active deposit or not. Your 2nd level referrals will make you earn 2.00% and the 3rd level referrals will make you earn 1.00%.

Remember that you do not need to have an active deposit to earn commission.

We understand that not everyone has dedicated IP addresses and this should not be an issue. We do however, have methods to identify cheating so just be honest with your actions and you shoud have nothing to worry about.

If you've encountered this, please contact us so we can activate it for you. There are times when cryptocurrency deposits encounter faults in the system but this is a rare event.

We need you to let us know if this occurs, we will need to establish that the downline is indeed yours so we will need to contact the downline as well to approve your inquiry.
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